Consultation/Motorcycle Inspection

If you need help buying your first bike or figuring out which bike fits you best, you can book an appointment or just give us a call. We can help guide you in the right direction, whether it's with something we currently have in stock or by helping you find a bike elsewhere. We also offer consultations and inspections of used bikes to give you an idea of which bike purchase is a good deal for your wants and needs.



Motorcycle Transportation

$1.00/mile (Round trip)

$50 Minimum Charge


1-on-1 Motorcycle Lessons

If you're about to take the MSF Course and want to get acclimated with the controls of a motorcycle, or want to practice a very specific technique, here at DBB we can get you going. Our goal is to offer a class that will answer any questions and prepare you for being safer on the road. For new riders, it can be scary going to the MSF course with no prior experience on a motorcycle so we are trying to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be. Whether you've been riding for 6 months and want to see how you can improve in certain areas, or if you are a seasoned rider and want some good footage of you down your favorite roads, we can also do that. Currently, we are also providing private wheelie lessons as well which is nothing more than a deeper understanding of clutch control and throttle control. In all of our sessions, we will structure a program based on your current riding skills and your goal.

Since something like a private lesson can be intimidating for some, we highly recommend watching "Twist of the Wrist 2". Some great places to learn from are YouTubers who put out free content like DaveMossTuning, DanDanTheFireman, MotoJitsu, Alberto Naska, Canyon Chasers, Life at Lean, Mike on Bikes, and YammieNoob. We use a small bike similar to the ones that you would see at the MSF course so that it's good for first-time riders. Currently, the Honda Grom has been my training bike as it's perfect for teaching new riders.

We strive to teach in a way that allows you to learn on your own as you gain more experience.

$50/hr With a 2hr minimum per session (based on our experience 2hrs is about ideal for most people and if you're more experienced you'll be able to handle more time)



Basic Maintenance like Oil Change, Tires (Mounting and Balancing), Brake Pads, Clean and Lube Chain, Suspension Adjustment, Fork Seals, and Height Adjustments. We specialize in modern Japanese sportbikes like Hondas, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Suzuki. We do not work on 4 wheelers and trikes but we will do our best to help you out.

Price varies depending on the service, problems, and bike. Contact us for a specific quote. 



Don't want to store your bike for the winter? Live in an apartment without a place to store it? Don't like having it take up space to get used once a month? Store your bike here and we will take care of everything during that time. We will start it up periodically and do any basic maintenance it needs so your bike will be ready to go whenever you want to ride it again.



Tool Rental

The entire goal with tool rentals would be to provide a way to help customers financially while allowing them to learn more about wrenching on their bikes. This service is something we wish was around when I was trying to save money.

We have all been in a situation where we need to borrow someone else's tools, such as a chain tool or rear stand because you only need to use it once. We offer rentals for specialty tools to help you do your maintenance. Call to find out how you can rent tools for FREE. Tools we will likely offer include the following: Chain Tool/Chain Breaker, Rear/Front/Headlift Stands, Torque Wrenches, etc.

The cost will vary depending on rental time and several tools.



If you want to get your bike cleaned professionally and some parts restored to as close to the original as possible, we can do that depending on the bike. If you're just wanting a basic wash, and chain clean and lubed, we can also do that. Price varies depending on what type of bike and what you want exactly. However, for a basic wash, it would be around $50 and detailing can start around $250 and go up from there.


Stunt Bike Building

We have professionals in-house who offer private consultation on stunt bike builds. If you're looking to get into stunting from ground zero or if you're looking to trade up from what you're currently riding we can help outline what that path would look like. The main bikes that we'd recommend overall are Groms, F4is, ZX6R 636s, and Fz07s. Each has different routes you can take depending on budget, skill level, and timeline. Just like a beginner track rider doesn't need a $30,000 Ducati to get fast most people don't need the absolute best equipment in the world to start learning the fundamentals. That doesn't stop people from buying the bike that you WANT! For whatever your tastes are we can help you level up your skills safely.