Do you offer financing?

No, unfortunately at the moment we do not offer financing. All of our bikes must be paid in full at the time of sale. However, there is the option of going through credit unions or other lenders to help purchase your bike. Reach out to us if money is your concern and we can help find a bike within your budget or guide you in the right direction to get assistance with your purchase.

Where do you find your bikes?

At DBB Powersports the bikes we purchase are found via Auctions, Facebook marketplace, or Cragslist; we also have lots of individuals who reach out to us asking for help with selling their bikes on consignment. Call us and ask to see if we know any leads on the bike you're looking for. These one-on-one purchases allow us to find higher quality bikes for our customers.

What services do you offer?

We offer a variety of services such as basic bike maintenance, tire services, towing, 1on1 classes, buying/selling consultations, detailing, and more. Check out our website to see the complete breakdown of the many services we offer.

Are motorcycles expensive?

Yes. It can be one of the most expensive sports if you've never done anything like this before. There are a lot of ghost costs that come up as you learn with time in the motorcycle world. Any long term motorcyclist will tell you the benefits you find greatly outweigh the costs. If money is a concern it's more likely you'll just have to budget accordingly and we can help you create that budget with accurate estimates as you go deeper into the motorcycle world.


How much does an oil change cost?

Cost of basic maintenance varies depending on the type of bike you have. However, it can range anywhere from 0.6hrs-1.5hrs. This is with a baseline shop rate of $110/hr. For example, a naked bike would be 0.6hr but a full fairing bike could be extra since there is more time involved in removing the fairings. Contact us directly for a specific quote on your bike.

Can you help me sell my bike?

Of course! This is actually a common service we offer to individuals who are wanting to save time and avoid the hassle of selling through private web sites. For a fee, we take care of gathering quality pictures and videos of the bike, as well as posting it on different selling sites. We also take care of communicating with all potential buyers and negotiating to close the best deals on your bike. We make sure to effectively communicate with you throughout the process, while ensuring your valuable time is not wasted.

Do you rent bikes out?

Yes, we just recently got set up with Riders Share. We currently have the DBB Grom listed on the site and it has been rented a few times now. They allow you to rent other people's bikes in your area so it's worth checking out. You can also list your bike for rent if you own one.


Here is the link to view the rental.

If I'm new to motorcycles, where should I start?

There are several ways to get started on your motorcycle journey. For quick information, it is best if you call or text us so we can learn what your individual goals are and from there help guide you in the right direction. Here at DBB we can specifically help you get started by teaching you the basics of riding through private lessons, guiding you towards a motorcycle course for you to obtain your license and by helping you find the perfect beginner bike for you. We also try to help you plan out the many little things that come up after you finally get your license, motorycle and start riding. You'll need things like motorcycle riding gear, motorcycle protection, motorcycle reliability upgrades if your bike has any. We also want to help you figure out what should be purchased when. Helmet, Jacket, Gloves, Boots, etc are all necessities.  Additionally, there is an abundance of free information on YouTube, forums, Facebook groups, and Instagram pages. Some specific recommendations include: DanDanTheFireman, Motojitsu, Canyonchasers, Mike on Bikes, Motovudu, Yamminoob. These will definitely get you started with learning some of the basic information and providing solid advice! We want to accelerate your learning by helping you with all things we wish we would've known when first starting out.

Can you teach me how to ride?

Yes! We offer 1on1 training lessons for any experience level. The cost varies depending on if you have your own motorcycle for the lessons or not. It is $25/hr if you bring your own motorcycle or $50/hr if you need to borrow ours; this is in case the bike is dropped or damaged in any way during the lessons (you are not liable for any damages that may occur). These lessons do not certify you in any way like the MSF courses to obtain your license. The lessons are meant to provide personalized training for those with zero experience, who want to get familiar with riding before taking the MSF course, or for those who have experience but want to advance their skills with specialized training.

Can I buy shirts?

Yes! We do sell shirts, as well as other merchandise like hats, keychains, masks, and bags. Contact us via our website or instagram page to purchase any merchandise!

There is a merch store coming soon!